So I've been asked to do a site that is for a "sexual enhansment" product. The product is not anything that when seen would strike you are being such, ie it's nothing more lude than say satin sheets or a leopard-print pillow-case however I would be doing the entire site from scratch, no redesign.

This would require a lot of photo work as well as me learning PHP and mySQL.

The photos would be suggestive - people in simulated sexual positions shown demonstrating the product. They have to be sexy but not pornographic.

- The first question is do I take the photo work and nothing else?

I have a background in photography and that's no problem.

- The next question - I bought a book on PHP and mySQL, I think that I can learn the basics in short order, or can I?

This leads to the next question - do I try to convice the client to use some open source php apps like OS Commerce for the e-commerce part of the site?

Any advice as to if I should take such a job or if it sounds questionable would be great. Also being that I have to learn all this other stuff (not that I am not going to use it later) should I add that to the price?