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Thread: Paid subscription system

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    Paid subscription system


    I am in the process of setting up quite a large site and I need to have an automated subscription system. I know how to deal with all the php and sql for the general member management side of it, but I don't know much about the whole automation part (once payment is recieved the member is added, and how to automatically renew subscriptions) and the integration of secure payment methods.. like verisign and paypal.

    If anyone could possible put me on to some tutorials or if you have any advice that would be great.


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    It depends on the payment gateway you are using.
    I work mostly with PayPal and worldpay. they support some kind of callback script.

    This script posts back to your site with payment details so you can update your database with payment details, open and close accounts, etc.

    They support repeat/recuring payments although you could simply use your own data to manage this process. So if the persons account is due to expire in say 14 days you could send them an email to prompt them for a new payment.

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