Hi there.

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Anders, and i live in Sweden. My main thing is to design and code games, and my interest in webdesign followed with that. The thing is, i have spent a long time developing freeware games under a nickname, Anlino.

Now, i have decided to get a little bit more serious, and i will start to do Shareware games under the studioname "Static Star". I have a game i am working on, but now, my main concern is to make a website, and a logo. The logo will be made by a hired artist, but i have decided to create the website by myself.

The problem is, i am out of inspiration. My brain feels like a gaint desert, and that ain't good for a game developer. So, i need some assistace on how the website should look like.


Kind of website: Online salesment for Shareware games
Targeting audience: Casual Gamers

I am not asking for code, but if anyone have any idea on a possible design that you think would fit, please, post it. It would be most appreicated.