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    i am making a new site [take a look at site], but i have some troubles with making a php forum. I have been on but what do they mean with the binear unzip and what do you have to do with the databases ???

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    binear unzip
    Must be a typo? but I'll asume you mean a bzip, bz or bz2 file. The forum download package will contain lots of files that need to go onto your web server. To keep them all together and also to make a smaller download, they will be compressed into either a zip or tar file. Depending on the commresion metion, they may use gzip or bzip or others. Your file would be a bzip one. This is all really besides the point, you just open the zip/tar file in your prefered unziper (e.g. winzip, winrar or i use powerarchiver - get them all at and extract the files as per the instructions on the phpbb site.

    WRT databases. You'll need to setone up for the forum to use on your web server. Ask you web host for instructions on how to do this. Usually there is a option in your web hosting control panel. However, if as I suspect you are using free hosting, you may not be able to make databases. You'll have to get some pro hosting for that. Won't cost much. You can get hosting from about $10 a year these days. Indeed, most pro hosting will have an auto installer built in (e.g. fantastico) that will install phpbb for you without having to do any hard work yourself. Just click and go.

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