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Thread: <area onclick help

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    <area onclick help

    Hello, I have a bit of a problem trying to work something out. I have an image with a map on it, what i'm trying to achieve is a div appears exactly where someone clicks the map.

    <area name="whatever" onClick="javascript:document.all.whatever.class.display='block'">
    <div id="whatever" style="display:none;">
    I'm using something similar to the above, but nothing happens on the click.

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    Try this (not tested it myself), it should at least fix your javascript.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function area1Clicked () {
        var div1 = document.getElementById("div1"); = "block";
    <area name="area1" onClick="area1Clicked()">
    <div id="div1" style="display:none;">
    But I think you should read this
    The area tag must always be nested within a map tag and you must also provide an alt attribute. Also, I'm not sure what happens if you don't specify the coords attribute.

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