Hello web devs! I have been searching for a good web dev forum for a while now. I think I might be able to stay here. Others are either inactive or just full of people that cant type proper grammar, resulting in the misunderstanding of everything they say.

I have been doing web stuff for a year in March. (When I opened my first site, fusiontuning.com.) I moved from that site, which I started to revolve around Import Tuning and things like that, to my gaming site. theuberclan.com. It was going to be a HQ for me and my gaming clan, but as soon as I bought the domain and space, my clan deserted me, leaving me 30 bucks in the hole and no use for the site.

Soon, I met this guy in my new school, his name was Earl. He had a band called Evryday Funeral. He heard I did sits and requested my help. I decided to do it for him. Well, I payed for everything and he moved to colorado and left the band in peaces and the site to rot. Another 30 bucks in the drain.

I found out some time after that that my host was actually LOSING money on his server. I decided I would help him out and went recruiting for him. Every site that I got for him, was payed for by me.


So then, after paying for all of them, I lost my source of income and couldnt pay for them any-more. With the spare money I had, I let my 2 sites die (fusiontuning and theuberclan, which I had found use for now.) and payed for 2 months for the sites I had set up for my host to profit off of. One of the sites is still up, das-games, but the rest died now. I own no domains, nadda. I must start from scratch and rebuild the empire I once had, haha.

(Now my host claims I owe him 120$, which Im working on paying, but I really think its the other way around.)