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Thread: First web project, need help

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    First web project, need help

    Hello, all:
    I am a newbie in web design with six hours class traning of Dreamweaver (DW), did not have much time to read whole bunch of DW manuals and books, have some basic knowledge of Photoshop(PS), but not much.
    I created a mock-up for a new home page in order to replace the old one. The new home page is made of 4 components:the banner (at the top), the navegation bar (at the left), the 'content window' (at the right) and the tool bar (at the bottom). Please click the link below to see the mock-up:
    The content window is a graphic I created in PS. It is used to display content, such as text, photos, or other multimedia files and etc. I tried to insert a (nested) table inside the content window, then put content into the nested table, but DW doesn't allow me to do that. My questions to you are:

    (1) How to put web content into the content window as I intended with a simplest way?
    (2) How to use template and/or CSS to automate the creation of all new pages?
    (3) In the tool bar, there are 4 tools, two of them for navigating between multiple pages (<Previous and Next>), one for 'Print Page' and one for 'Send Page'. How to make them work as wanted without coding? There are any Java scripts or code for those purposes and where to find those scripts or code?
    I much appreciate your help/advice. Step-by-step procedures would be helpful for a beginner like me. Recommended reading is also welcome. Thank you in advance.


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    I would recommend the following books also take a peek at amazons selection.

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