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Thread: PhP Help Urgently Wanted

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    PhP Help Urgently Wanted ( CDW ), Urgently needs an experienced PHP coder & skilled Tech staff,

    If You are an Experieced PHP coder or a skilled Tech oriented person,
    please place a Job Application at the following URL;

    The Urgent PhP Situation..:

    Our Webmater is in the process of moving from Stuttgart to Munich,
    and wont have time to get the site ready for game release, without a helping hand.

    The PhP problem is around the Up & Download function of our webpage :

    NO PHP expert myself, but our Webmaster instinct-vfx explained this to me..:

    CDW ofcourse do not want an unsecure and externally linkable download system.
    Besides we need to hack the phpbb template, (and prolly some of the code too :/).
    We´re not talking about slapping a pre-made downloads script in there.
    This wont help us. It would help us to get up quickly,
    but it will leave us with a ****load of problems later.

    The question must be, does this sound like no big deal for You..??
    If this sound just like your sort of thing, please get in touch ASAP, Thanx Mate..

    We wont be able to offer You alot of money for the help, but instead
    offer You a Top Tech Staff postion at CDW..

    Skilled Tech oriented staff wanted..:

    Maybe You are interested in a CDW Tech staff position..
    We have quite a few other Tech related positions to fill aswell..:

    Car builders
    Gfx Artist
    And PR related Staff aswell..

    If this has Your interest, dont hesitate, place Your application at this link..:

    Thanx & Regards,

    Daviking, Creative Manager of CDW.

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    Good Luck finding the right person!

    Bugmaster - Affordable Custom Graphic Design

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