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    Html Email Help

    Hi! I have searched and searched looking for a simple answer to this question. Is there one? All I want to do is create a simple HTML newsletter, and send it out in an email. I see ASP Smart Mailer, but I don't use ASP. And I see things to buy to send out these HTML emails, such as Advanced HTML Editor 2? I also see services out there that will also send out your emails - but I
    I don't understand why sending out HTML in emails is such a 'complicated task'.

    The only way I found to do this on my own is to create my HTML document in DWMX, then open it in Word and send it that way. This is fine, but the code WORD adds is ridiculous! And then when I test this email in OUTLOOK, it looks great. But if I try to forward it along, all the tabs screw up.

    I don't use ASP, just plain and simple HTML. Is there a simple way to send out my simple Dreamweaver MX HTML document in emails other than using WORD, ASP or buying additional software or a special service plan?

    Thanks for any help!

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    I've used this in the past - easy to use, and configurable:

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