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Thread: The BEST Website Designs You've Ever Seen

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    The BEST Website Designs You've Ever Seen

    Hi all,

    Looking for some great examples of website designs. What are the best website designs you have ever seen? What sites do you visit to look for inspiration and ideas? What are the cleanest, most functional, most well thought out ... BEST websites you've come across?

    For me, the old standbys are and

    Looking forward to seeing your inspirations!


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    If you can take looking at it. ::mod edit - link removed:: WARNING!!!! DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED AND DO NOT LIKE PORN!!!

    What inspired me about that site, if you can look past the morbid material. Is the awsome use of css and how different the site is layed out. AGAIN, THE SITE IS PRETTY DIRTY AND MORBID, BUT THE LAYOUT AND USE OF CSS IS AWSOME!!!
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