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Thread: Yahoo Merchant Account and SiteBuilder

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    I currently have a Yahoo Merchant Account and am using SiteBuilder to build my internet shopping store. I feel like it's relatively easy to use for someone with no experience like myself. Does anyone have any information on either of these services? Are they good to use? Has anyone ever used them in the past?

    Thanks everyone!


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    our company uses yahoo merchant account...

    i am the webmaster...

    i use the sitebuilder to generate the code for the shopping items (the catalog)
    then i take the code into dreamweaver or wordpad and put it whereever i wanna put it in.. within my own templates...

    yes it's very easy to work with yahoo sitebuilder but you will notice there are not a whole lot of freedom when you want to customize it to your needs...

    it's great for starters. this is my first e-commerce website so i'm glad we are doing it through yahoo..

    if you need any help on this you can pm me...

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