Quite simply, a new Free, Open Source eCommece system is being developed, and we need your help to make this System as good as possible.

This System, currently called Warmouth, is being developed because we are tired of trailing through reems and reems of various code trying to get exsisting eCommerce solutions to do what we want.

So, instead of you having to change your sites design to fit in with another Developers design, we are making Warmouth intergrate as fully as it can into your current website. This means that they will be very, very little in the system that cannot be customised in some way. We also aim to provide a very useable Admin area, as some of the one out there at the minute are a complete pain to use.

So, now you know a little about us and what we're doing, feel free to visit Warmouth and, more importantly, sign into the forums and tell us what you want and need in a system like this. Remember, it will be free, so you will be able to use it.