We all know the .tk domain gave problems with the cookies, and ads, and stuff like that, but i've found some way to make the browser ignore it all. It may not work for some of you people, but it works for me and for allot of other friends of mine. Now i only log in once, for the rest it will stay logged in till your computer goes off. Anyway, i bring you:

The .tk domain names, make it work correctly!

I will explain this in simple steps, follow them correctly, and it should work.

Preparation: open up these websites;
your forum

Make an account on www.ripway.com , this is your personal 10mb (free) webspace, here is how you gonna use it:

1. Log in

2. Create text file (its a button, on the right)

3. In filename you type "forum redirection.html" (BE SURE YOU DONT FORGET THE .HTML!)

4. in the text itself you paste this code

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=YOUR FORUM URL">

and edit YOUR FORUM URL to your (real excisting) forum url, i told you to open it before you begin with this, so you can easely copy the link now and paste it on the YOUR FORUM URL.

5. Paste the code, Save the text file, then go to "my files" again, minimize the window.

Open the www.dot.tk window.

1. Create your account there, fill in everything you wish BUT! read step 2 first.

2. In the field with "url to your old webpage" you fill in the url of the html file you just made, open up the ripway.com window again, and the link should be in the list under your file. (i recommend the first link, direct one), Copy it and paste it there.

3. Fill in the rest of your information.

4. Submit your account.

Now when you use it, there is a dot.tk info-bar up in your window! read:

How do i remove that dot.tk bar?

1. Go to www.dot.tk

2. Log in.

3. Go to "My marketing" -> dot TK Linker promo.

4. Select your domain name.

5. Choose to NOT show any banners or commercial.

The next day the dot.tk bar should be gone.

Now for me and some friends, the cookie issue isnt there anymore, no banner or anything else! just your (correctly working) tk domain!