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Thread: Can only rank well on MSN

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    Can only rank well on MSN


    I rank really well on MSN for a lot of my keywords but dont recieve that much traffic from there, but I cant seem to get ranked well on Google for a lot of my keywords, I still get about 30k uniques a month from them but I could get lot more if I could just get ranked a bit better.

    Any advice? I do well on MSN as I say but not on Google and I hardly get any traffic on Yahoo or Altavista and its confusing me =\

    Its an adult site so I cant post the url.

    But I update daily, what I am most interested in is getting my galleries ranked well in Google, they are indexed in Google but nowhere to be seen on the rankings.

    Site is PR5, 28k alexa, 40k uniques a day, very established site, as I say I do well on MSN but not on the others


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    Possibly googles content filtering is meaning your site isn't appearing for everyone. I'd imagine most people have this switched on which is the default.

    google likes different things to other search engines they all work slightly differently.
    Google particularly likes other sites linking to you.

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