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Thread: Form Submission - Can't Read POSTDATA.ATT

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    Form Submission - Can't Read POSTDATA.ATT

    Have an online form on our intranet site (just using POST method)

    When user fills out and hits send button, get the warning popups that 1) Form is being submitted using email and will reveal senders address.., and 2) from Outlook that a program is trying to send email....want to allow?

    I realize that unless I use something like Matt's Form Mail Script I won't be able to avoid these warnings? Also, our server doesn't support PHP so need to keep it html.

    The form worked fine when I previewed it, and it's not a big concern that the message is not nicely formatted. However, when I published it to the server and tested it, I just get back a POSTDATA.ATT attachment and I can't open it. How can I read the message???


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    I've discovered that Notepad will open .ATT files, so at least I can read them now. I'll have to continue to look at better ways of doing a form submission to avoid those annoying warnings. Let me know if there's a solution without using PHP.

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