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Thread: ASP Help urgently needed

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    ASP Help urgently needed

    Hi All, I am a real newbie to ASP.

    I need help with setting up a page where the viewer has to accept terms before they can access the rest of the website.

    The page will have a bit of text explaining why they need to accept oor decline the terms and then have 2 buttons. ie. accept or decline.

    What I need to be able to do is set this up so that if the viewer tries to bypass the accept/ decline page they will get re-directed to it. If they have clicked the accept button then they can view anywhere on the site.

    I understand that 'sessions' in IIS don't actually close until about 20 mins after the user has left the site and can live with that. But if they come back the next day they must go through the accept/decline page to get into the site. It doesn't have to have usernames or password, they just have to accept.

    I understand that you set up several pages to do this, i.e. the accept/decline page, a 'checkterms' page (which sets the session cookie?) and then some code on every other page on the site to check for the presence of the session cookie and let you view if it is there. If not, redirects you to the Accept/Decline page.

    The problem I have is I don't know what code to write and where to put it into the page.

    Please help as this is getting desperate.


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    It's usually a good idea to avoid sessions particularly in classic ASP. I'd use a cookie and set it with a long lifetime so it doesn't expire.

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