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Thread: what monitor do you have?

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    what monitor do you have?

    it looks like prices and quality of lcd's have finally reached acceptable levels to the point where 19"ers cost less than 300$. i believe i am going to make the switch from crt soon and i was wondering what everyone here is currently using? i'm assuming many are still on crt but from what i've seen, even some cheaper lcds are pretty decent for accuracy and color reproduction now.

    if you have any suggestions for a 19" lcd let me know!

    so far i've been looking at

    samsung 910t (i have one offered to me for 225$)
    samsung 193p (260$)
    hyundai L90D+

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    im on a 17inch 2003 crt from dell, its always been annoying to set it to eyesight, ive heard the lcds are better for your eyes. The only negative ive heard is the delay if your a very quick video gamer. some of the cheaper ones take 4 times the time (like 80ms) which doesnt seem like alot, but it can add up.

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