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Thread: ASP/Access database project - help needed please

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    I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am building an online shop site and need to implement a system where the store owner can upload products. To do this I will be using ASP.

    I need a page where the client can log in. From there they can enter a product name, product description, product ID (the primary key field), category, path to relevant product image, price (in Pound Sterling), and a field to copy-and-paste HTML code to generate the "Add to basket" button (this store will be powered by PayPal).

    I also need help on implementing database data on pages. I want a page for the separate categories (i.e. which will display all products in that particular category. When you click on a product, it will then show you the details for that particular entry on another page (i.e. where "001" is the primary key number of the relavant product.

    Also on the homepage will be latest product - obviously pulled from the database using some "implement latest entry" technique.

    If anyone could help me doing so then I would be ever so grateful, whether it's helping me with a little bit of coding or pointing me to a really useful tutorial on the Internet. If someone opts for the former then there will be cash payment.

    Waiting in anticipation,


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    I'd be happy to help but but what part do you want help with?
    Have you made a start or are you clueless as to where to begin?

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