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Thread: Can anyone suggest a replacement for Mailman?

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    Can anyone suggest a replacement for Mailman?

    Since Mailman and CPanel aren't getting along lately I've been looking into replacements for Mailman.

    (If you're not familiar with Mailman, it's a group email program where eveyone can email everyone else on the list simply by sending an email to the group's address.)

    You would think a simple, useful program like this would have many open source variations, but I am coming up blank.

    I like Dadamail, but that program is designed to be an opt-in newsletter (i.e. one way communication) program, and it requires a plug-in to convert it to a group email program. The problem is the author of Dadamail advises against using the plug-in because it's so buggy.

    So.... can anyone out there suggest an alternative to Mailman?

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    I'd agree with the author of Dadamail. The open mail groups like you can run using mailman were popular in the early 90's - before the web propper took off. But that was also before spam took off. Now it's all to easy for someone to use your mailman installation (or any similar open newsletter) to send out spam. Make it look like you sent the spam. The modern day version of the same thing is a forum with an RSS newsfeed. To the users get the RSS feed rather than the full posting. You'll still get sent some spam but you won't get used to spam other people.

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