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    Grid Project

    Hello and thanks for checking out my topic. First of all a little bit about me. My name is David Parr and I am an 18 year old student from the south of England. In September I am going to Bournemouth university to study SoftwareEengineering. I enjoy developing websites and coming up with new whacky projects to help put my skills to the test.

    Edit: Also I wasn't 100% sure what forum to put this in on here. If this is in the wrong place can a moderator please move it.

    One of my new projects is called the "Grid Project". Yes I know it isn't the most satisfying name but I am still prepared to give it a go. Please read more about the Project Below.

    Grid Project
    The aim of the grid project is to interconnect websites of the same type. Grid project is not a directory of websites. Instead it is an intermediary between webmasters, providing their sites with a boost in traffic and greater interaction with other websites/communities of the same kind. The grid project has only just begun so there is no definite way of proving that it works. Doesn't hurt to try right?

    How does it work?
    Webmasters place a small (or big) grid made up of small 75px by 25px images on their website. The images in the grid represent other randomly selected websites of the same category. When a visitor views a page containing the grid or follows a link in one of the images, that website's ranking goes up (the website containing the grid).

    Ok so for example lets say we have website A and website B. Website A contains a grid made up of 30 images, one of which links to website B. The visitor on website A clicks on this link and ends up at website B. The view/click is recorded (to prevent spam) and the ranking for Website A goes up. The big trick here now is that the next time the grid on website B is refreshed, a link to website A will appear in grid B (although this is based upon time between the click on A and refresh on B).

    What are rankings?
    Rankings determine how often a website appears on other grids. Using a special formula I have created, a website will earn more ranking based upon its grid's views, clicks, grid size (smaller grid size means less ranking), time between each access and more.. .

    The way it works is very simple. Once you have successfully registered you need to place a small piece of code into your webpages. Your webpage will now display images, automatically affiliating you with websites of the same kind (computer games, literature etc).

    Note: This is very new and still in BETA. Report any errors/bugs you find to me through PM or email for now and I will fix asap. This also means for new people registering it may take some time before seeing their grid appear on their site. So give it a little while please.

    But how does that help you? Well the more unique views and outgoing hits your grid gets it will help your ranking go up, which in turn raises your chances of being shown on other website's grids. So mainly it helps to boost your traffic and raise communication with websites of the same kind.

    Ok so your opinions please. Remember it is FREE to sign up. Like I said I simply enjoy developing websites as a hobby. - Grid Project. (Registration form further down page).

    Also you can view top 50 ranked websites for different categories.

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    why would a visitor to your website want to click on a grid and get a random website, what is the incentive for the average visitor?

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