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Thread: Upload fonts to a directory and have them automatically used and randomly selected.

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    Question Upload fonts to a directory, have them automatically used & randomly selected.

    Ok so I'm trying to modify a PHP script from a blogging tool.
    The script generates a CAPTCHA using a single and same .ttf for all installations.
    I find that is is a vulnerability issue, consequently I would like to add several fonts and have them automatically used and randomly selected.

    $font_face	= "texb.ttf";
    $font_face is the filename (with its extension) of the font that will actually be used for the CAPTCHA
    $font_path = PATH.'fonts/'.$font_face;
    $font_path is the full path to that same font, not to its directory !

    For an easy hack to implement, the fonts should be sorted from their directory before $font_face is set.
    Note : there is an index.html to ignore in that directory.
    And $font_face should be the random font.

    How do I do this in PHP4 ?
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