Game Name: Project Blue

Team Name:GrindStone

Brief description:
Hello my name is Michael Henderson. I am the Designer/Director of Project Blue. Project Blue is a free endeavor utilizing the Torque engine to focus on rapid game development and team cooperation to create a simple multiplayer FPS similar to that of Quake. We are in the final stages of game development and are in search of a Website Designer to create the website for the game which we will host. The Web Designer that we choose will become a member of team Grindstone and will be involved in future projects.

If you are interested in joining this endeavor, My AIM is: Elfloard22

My MSN IM is

If you are unable to reach me (highly unlikely), email me at: and leave your AIM or MSN IM

Target aim: Elfloard22

Project Blue is a free endeavor

As of now the team is using Torque, Quark, 3ds Max, Blender, and Maya.

Talent needed:

Web Designer

Team structure:



Ped Ruiaz-Torque Scriptor

Kost-Torque Scriptor

FriendlyFire-Music Composer/producer

BlackStudio-Special Effects/voice over musician

Website: We are currently in search for a web designer to create Project Blue’s Website.

My contact:

AIM: Elfloard22

Hotmail and MSN IM: