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Thread: Web NEWS - user updated - from old text based system

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    Web NEWS - user updated - from old text based system

    I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on my dilemma:

    Currently my organization uses All-In-One a 1980ís text/menu driven system for email, news, and other business functions.

    We are trying to phase out news from this system and go to a web-based news. There are numerous menus which lead to more menus then text files, over 500 but I stopped counting. Each department needs the ability to update their own text files and only their text files. So there is some security involved.

    Anyone have any experience having users update their own websites?

    I was thinking about using .asp to view/edit/post to text files within the site. The problem with this is there are over 500 text files and I will have to create three asps for each txt.

    Anything easier?

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    that looks similar to a content management type system but to be honest i think it would be best if you have a custom built script made. afterall it would only cost your about £200-£300 and it would be worth it.

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