the award-winning royalty free music library has launched its New Music Podcast showcasing the finest production tracks and flash loops from its online royalty free music library.

September 27, 2006 -- provides royalty free music tracks via a very stylish and easy to use website. Aimed at Media Professionals and Production Houses the company has just launched its 'New Music Podcast' showcasing the finest royalty free music from the library. Its aim -- to broadcast high quality, royalty free music direct to its users and customers.

The company's managing director Steve Bainbridge says: "The New Music Podcast is a vital marketing element for us. It showcases our collection of royalty free music to our users as well as new audiences. Instead of our users reading about new music releases in our HTML newsletter they can now listen to it, and thanks to the convenience of Podcasts they can listen to it whenever they want, wherever they like. The Podcast can even be synced to iPod and used on the go!"

"The New Music Podcast features royalty free music tracks from different styles and genres in our library such as Gentle Moods, Classical Music, Dance Music, Hip Hop, Business and Corporate and much more. New episodes will be released each month. Users can listen to the show and link directly to files on our website, licensing them within minutes."

Bainbridge adds: "We're now selling royalty free music tracks all over the world," he added. "Whether that's to Video, Radio or TV Production Companies, or Advertising Agencies and other types of creative industries. Our customers want high quality production tracks on a royalty free music license. They want it fast and without hassle. Podcasting is such a great way of keeping those people updated. It makes it fun and completely practical."

"The New Music Podcast is a milestone in our online marketing campaign. Traditional methods of marketing your business to clients -- such as direct mail or newsletters -- are no longer effective enough in reaching today's time-poor environment. Podcasting is a very direct approach to marketing your content and products. The Podcast can be downloaded and previewed in minutes. Users can skip chapters and listen to exactly what interests them and also receive regular updates."

"The royalty free music library is just so easy to use. Anyone requiring royalty free music has to give it a try. Itís just so simple to locate high quality production tracks and even easier to download and license it. However, because we have so much content our users need to be shown around the collection. The Podcast allows us to send out recommendations as well as our own personal favourites and gives our users some ideas of the selections we have. We want to actively promote the production library and this is a great way of doing it. removes barriers to licensing music and makes it quick and painless. We even offer all of our tracks on a royalty free basis. It saves time and our clients appreciate it. Hopefully the New Music Podcast will provide a useful service for our customers."

Since launching his company in 2004, Bainbridge has seen interest in his company grow substantially throughout the world. Last year, the company won the DTI North East eCommerce award for 'Best Use of Broadband' and in January the company's rapid rise was highlighted on a BBC documentary, Net Profits.

As the company's founder, Bainbridge has received his own fair share of publicity. In June, he was featured in leading UK culture magazine Arena as one of the North East's up-and-coming young businessmen, and twice appeared in national newspaper The Guardian a few weeks later.'s New Music Podcast was produced by fellow North East Company, Podcast Digital, which is also based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. To learn more about Podcasting your business visit Podcast Digital

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