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Thread: Need Website built...

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    Need Website built...

    After doing a thorough internet search, I came across WDF. My question is...

    Can anyone tell me the best place to look someone to build a website for our church? I know this forum is more related to the web developer "insider", but we have no clue as to where to look to have a site built.


    Here is the site in question. **BE WARNED** The current, temporary site is only a small flash intro and does have sound, so make sure your speakers are down before proceedng. We want the finished site to be ready mid January.

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    Cute flash intro, Chris!

    You haven't described what you need for your website, but in any case you will surely find someone to build it on elance..

    Or, try the sitebuilders of yahoo, etc (, freewebs,com,, perhaps there are hundreds more). Can particularly recommend sitekreator - a close friend has hers there

    In any case until mid of Jan you won't go without a sitebuilder, hired designers and developers takle much more time to deal with than DIY sites..

    Nice holidays

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