We at Ace Websites (ABN 82941067654) are looking for Web Designers and Developers for ongoing contract work for our company.

We’re ultimately looking for a list of Web Designers / Developers our company can call and / or Email for contract work, we need a variety of designers and developers as there is no telling how much work will be available at any one time.

Our company will E-mail the work and set a time in which the work must be completed with an agreed upon price judged on the approximated expected time taken to complete the work given.

We’re looking for experienced Web Designers (Macromedia Fireworks .png), desirably with skills in CSS and valid XHTML (no tables). Please send a portfolio or example of your work if interested. Experience in Flash is considered advantageous.

Also interested in Developers with skills in PHP/MySQL (Ecommerce, databases)

Please Email us with what skills you have and your portfolio or example of your work, your desired hourly rate and any other details about yourself and your skills that you think may be relevant.

Contact Emails for Acewebsites
enquiries@acewebsites.com.au - general enquiries
admin@acewebsites.com.au - administration team
sean@acewebsites.com.au - Creative Director
mathew@acewebsites.com.au - Project Manager
bianca@acewebsites.com.au - Administration Manager

Contact mobile number for Sean
Creative Director: +614 11981312

MSN Messanger contact: sean@acewbsites.com.au