hi, i have made a small website which a small group of freinds and familly (10) use on a regular basis.. the site is a fantasy football/soccer league which in the past has been running for several years in a scrappy notepad lol, but i decided i would have a go at making a small website to accommidate the league.
i have had the site running for around 7 months, and it consists of a home page, league table page, a news page and each member has there own fantasy soccer team page, (see the example in the link below). in the teams pages i have made the images and txt drag and drop around the page.
how can i let my users drag and drop there team around and then submit it when they have it how they want it???. none of them are able to use ftp. they can barely send a e-mail lol.
i understand that a content management system is the usual way to achieve this. but this is a bit extreme for such a small simple site. there must be a easier solution! at the moment the users have a form they fill in and submit to my email and i change the team around then update the page and ftp it.
here is a example of one of the team pages.example team page

thanks in advance!!