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Thread: Help appreciated in writing up a bid request for website development

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    Help appreciated in writing up a bid request for website development

    I am wanting to develop a bid request for the further development of a website. The website is It is a website for my Internet radio talk show (podcast). What I would appreciate is assistance in developing a good bid request for me to put up on,, and web design forums that allow projects to be posted. The following is what I am currently thinking of posting. As I refine it, I will post the revisions in replies to this thread. Thanks in advance!


    I am seeking bids from website developers for the further development of That is a website for “Recreational Poker with Scott Jensen”, an Internet talk show (podcast). The following improvements and features are what I seek for the website. However, I am open to suggestions.

    1) Auto-harvest of episode titles, episode descriptions, episode lengths, and download links from whenever I press a button on a behind-the-scene webpage.

    A) Arranging the episodes on so that the Introduction episode is always at the top and the rest of the episodes are arranged from shortest to longest. Exception being special landing pages for search engine ads, see #2.

    B) The episode descriptions are in smaller font than their title and their paragraph indented to more set off the title.

    2) Make separate landing pages optimized for “online poker”, “poker site”, “poker room”, “casino”, “cruise”, “cruise ship”, “cruise ship review”, “cruise vacation”, “luxury cruise”, “cruise travel”, “cruise critic”, and “cruise review”.

    A) Arranging the episodes so the Introduction episode is at the top and then enabling me to move certain episodes to be right underneath it, and then auto arranging the rest underneath them from shortest to longest.

    3) Copy and paste the code segment from Google into the bottom of content, immediately before the </body> tag of each landing page. If you use a common include or template, you can enter it there.

    <script src="" type="text/javascript">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    _uacct = "UA-[# removed]";

    4) Between the paragraph below the page's title and subtitle but above the listing of the episodes, a thin wide box needs to be added. It is an opt-in mailing list. The opt-in mailing list having the title "Opt-In Mailing List" in bold on the left side and double height font. Next to it being on two lines: "To be notified of new episodes, enter your email address to the right." Then a fill-in box and a "Submit" button under it. To the right of these boxes on two lines: "A verification email with activation link will be sent to email address submitted. Activation is required to be put on the list." Then some verification email sent.

    A) Each time a new episode is added, an email is automatically sent out to those on the above list. In the email, there is a link to that episode’s download link and a link to the homepage.

    5) The episodes need to be downloaded sequentially pre-cached. Not done with a flash player as downloads need to be tracked by Talkshoe. Look at the current homepage. Episodes need to be downloaded one after another. Currently, the downloads are timed so a new one is started every ten seconds. Unfortunately, they bottleneck for some visitors as their computer tries to download all at once. Some method (other than flash) needs to be used so when one download is complete, the next one starts and all this done while the visitor is listening to the Introduction and other episodes.

    6) Correct the following problem: When someone clicks on the download button for an episode, it opens up another window and does the QuickTime download/play. Unfortunately, when the person returns to the homepage, all mp3 files are lost and the downloads start all over again. Desired outcome: What is needed is for the requested download not take the visitor to another page but starts up the download of that episode while keeping the visitor on the homepage and then once it is downloaded, whatever other episode is currently play stops and then the requested one plays as the rest of the downloads continue.

    8) Enlarge the arrow of "Click > To Play" so it is more equal with the capitalized letters and thus more visible.

    9) An rss feed so iPod and other mp3 player owners can subscribe to the show.

    What I seek is bid to do the above and possibly a nicer background picture. Include in your bid how long the work will take you and when you can begin as well as a penalty for not getting it done in time. I have been burned by website developers in the past that took way too long to get their work done and one that never made a HTML version of a website.
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