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Thread: web layout and color help

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    web layout and color help

    Hi, this is my first post.
    i'm a web programmer, but I can't do graphic design.
    Because of that, I decided to learn how to create a nice web layout combined with colors.

    I've created a web and would like to see what you (reader) think about it:

    note: I suggest you to open it with IE.

    If you can, please give some critiques, suggestion or help to improve my design skill.

    Thanks a lot !

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    It's a good start; get some color and images into it.

    You should have a Doctype at the very top of your html file before the <html> tag. I suggest the HTML 4.01 Transitional if you are a beginner, see:-

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

    Just experiment and improve that way, using online tutorials and Google for answers to any problems.
    Code downloaded to my PC will be deleted in due course.
    WIN7; IE9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari for Windows; screen resolution usually 1366*768.
    Also IE6 on W98 with 800*600 and IE8 on Vista 1440*900.

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