subject - suggest software to assist posting qts and seeing replies on this site. Body - Is there a way I can post a website related question to many good website help sites at 1 shot instead of logging in to each one individually and posting? similarly can i check the answers to all my questions on all these sites at a shot? someone should design a way to do this. i am sure lot of guys have the same problem. it takes a lot of time and strain and mouse clicks to log in to each site individually and post questions or read replies. possible design = simple window to type in question and 1 click to automatically post it to relevant sites (username and password can be fed in earlier). also the program can automatically check for replies to any question and show if any new replies are received with the headers. and with 1 click can directly view the reply. or someone should make a website that does this automatically. i had a similar problem with checking emails of various accounts till a friend showed me a program that works as above and totally solved my problem. i havent mentioned the name lest i be accused of promoting some software. that is not my purpose. thank you for your time and efforts in advance.