Hi all,

I'm having an unusual problem, and was wondering if anyone could help. I'm working on a friend's myspace, adding falling objects (petal images, animated gifs) thanks to some code from one of those silly myspace layout sites. The falling images are achieved with the marquee tag, so each falling petal looks something like this:

<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="down" scrollamount="4" style="position:absolute; left:12%; top:0; width:300; height:500; .."><img src="http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/3050/petal.gif"></marquee>

The problem is, it all works fine in IE, but in firefox, the user can't click on the links that lie underneath the 500 pixel area that the falling petals' height covers. In myspace, these are links like "Home", "Browse", Search" etc.

So I guess I'm wondering if there's any way to allow the links to be clicked despite images "falling" in front of them. Will give z-index a try, but the friend wants them to fall on top of all the text and images.

Can anyone suggest anything?