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Thread: Flash + Database

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    Flash + Database

    Hello, I am about to start a large project for a new company of mine and will design the site myself to save costs.

    I am quite profficient in flash as far as animation, and only animation!

    I will have to teach myself a lot during this process, but the main area is databases as i really do not know anything about them.

    What i am trying to achieve:

    The ability to create user accounts and store a little information, so they can log in next time and their information will be saved (example, their size, age)

    When they choose/build up the product, they need to select from 1/10 options for about 6 stages. then when this product is 'created' it places it into my shopping cart/checkout as that item.

    So basically. What software do i need to build up a database to store user account information in flash? Does anyone perhaps know a good tutorial site?

    How is the best way to go about creating a shopping cart in flash? Would it be much more sensible to purchase some sotware which i load into my flash? If so, does anyone have some recommendations?

    I really have no idea how i will tackle the problem of creating the product online through steps. With 6 stages, i would like the choices they have made in 1 2 3 or e.g to be saved so they can go back and forth to make corrections. Would i need to be using variables to save which choices they have made? Or would i put their choices as they make them into a temporary database and then retrieve the final results when adding it the shopping cart? Does anyone have a site i can read up on this? I do not know where to even begin looking

    Thank you very much for any help in advance. Sorry for the complete lack of knowledge here



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    You'll need a database and a script to interface with that database. The Flash part is pretty much irrelevant to the process as you're not storing Flash, you're storing the data associated with it. Personally I don't understand the need to do everything in flash, especially when that means that some people won't be able to use the site, but it can be done. Why not start by seeing what's already available that you might be able to adapt to the job you need done? There are a lot of free, open source scripts available and it's likely one will be a good starting point for you. Try and see what you can find.

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