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Thread: New Real Estate Site, Craigslist Beware!!

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    New Real Estate Site, Craigslist Beware!!

    Hi there everybody. First, thanks for your time. I have a new site that I was hoping for your feedback on. Would especially like feedback on the color scheme and buttons. Thanks again!! Here is the site: toronto apartment rentals

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    You need to do usability testing on the site, as it's confusing to use. In just the first couple of minutes looking at it I've found myself stopping and wondering where I am or what something is supposed to do.

    For instance, you click "search Toronto apartment Rentals" and you get a page that reads "Landlords - List Your Property for Rent!" at the top. I thought you had coded the link wrong and I was in the wrong place, only after having to think about it for a moment (something you don't want your visitors to have to do), I concluded that maybe that line was a link, which it was, but since it's missing the web convention underline to identify it as a link, it simply looks like the page heading.

    The site logo is fine, but it doesn't explain what the site is. The closest you have is the line "APARTMENT TORONTO APARTMENT RENTAL TORONTO APARMENTS" which doesn't really work as the tag line you need. People decide within moments of hitting a page to stay and use the site or leave and go elsewhere. It has to be extremely clear immediately upon landing on the page what the site is and what someone can do there.
    The home page has what I think is a search box, although the button for it is labled "Go" so maybe it's not? What do I type in here? Under that is a search by listing number, but how would I know what number to type in here? Is this a feature that's going to be used a lot? Why can't I just type it into the search box above?

    The Toronto Apartment Rental Blog link is misplaced. Again it doesn't look like a link and I didn't realize it was supposed to be one until after I'd looked at this page a few times. Why not simply put it with the rest of the site navigation on the left where people will see it?

    Aren't Landlords and Agents and Management sort of the same thing? It seems like making two categories, renters and landlords instead of three and combining all the forms of "landlording" would simplify the home page and make the balance between the two more equal. It feels to me like renters aren't as important here, but they're the one that will drive the business.

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