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Thread: A Free Contact Form

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    A Free Contact Form

    Hello to All,

    I am excited to be on this forum! Looks like a good place to exchange info to make websites better.

    By way of introduction, I am a co-creator of a new online form service at Very excited about it after many months of development.

    As a newcomer to WebDevForums and to break the ice , I will give any web designer, web developer, or web programmer a free contact form for your website. For protection from Hackers and spammers. Multiple departments from one form. Lifetime. No purchase necessary.

    Maybe we can work together in the future, and for sure I would like to talk about website security, xss, website generated spam, SPAM-bots, automated dialing software, header injections and other hacker and spammer issues that are plaguing the Internet.

    Well, I guess posts are supposed to be fairly short.
    Building the Secure Online Form
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