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Thread: Need this image to be turned into a template

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    Need this image to be turned into a template

    I made a .PNG template that looks awesome, the problem is I don't know how to make it work. I need to know if you guys can turn an image into a working, clickable template. Here is what it looks like:

    As you can see, its a cool template I designed. I just need to make it work. All it is right now is a .PNG image file, I need one of you guys to totally convert it into a working template. Here is what I want it to function like:

    Basically, I need that image to be turned into a template.

    I might be able to pay you for the template, but if you do it just to be nice and helpful that would be greatly appreciated. I do this all of the time (I am a graphic artist), giving out free graphics to be nice and give back to the online community.

    Thanks A TON!

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    You need an image map. You code a small part of the image with coordinates for each button and make those parts clickable:-

    For the text over the image you could use layers which put a layer of text over the image:-
    Code downloaded to my PC will be deleted in due course.
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