Not sure where this is suppose to be posted, so in the "general" it went.

I had posted before about website and hosting a couple months back. After having a friend agree to build a flash site, he all of a sudden disappeared on me a few days ago. I still have hosting available. So with that...

I need someone who is willing to trade, building me a site, for some of my graphic design services if possible. I have the example site, graphics, etc... all ready, I just need it assembled. This was the initial agreement me and my previous site builder had and now all of a sudden he's nowhere to be found.

My sites been waiting and on hiatus for going on 4 months now,
so if someone's willing to take on the project in trade for me to
do some graphic design for them, or I could possibly post advertisement in trade also. I will possibly have more work available to the person who can agree to build the site. This following work would be paid for.

I need someone SERIOUS about the project and
someone that can get it done ASAP w/o all the bullsh*t.

Please contact me at: ***ONLY*** for replies,
as I am not able to check this site as frequent as I can my mail.

I am just asking for some networking trades or services,
not a bit*h-fest about the issues that happened, etc...

Thanks! -Crystal.