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    Hey what up web devys! i need some devoted graphic designers, flash site devs, html, css, or intermediate CS3 users / Studio 8 users. Im working on a tutorial site called, which now is called is now a site for cool tunes, talk, contact info, and halo clan websites. Mstuts will be hosted on a better hosting package substituting for Don't get excited! No ones will be getting paid, this is ll free work, its a free tutorial site! But.. My team of web devs at Adonai Apparel,( my current occupation other than being a student), have agreed to let anyone who participates have an email address, and free image, swf, fla, css, html, php, and cgi hosting on one of our servers. If anyone is interested email me at:

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    Not bad of a site desgn. I wish you luck.

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