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Thread: Data Import into MySQL

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    Data Import into MySQL

    I'm working a job for a guy who's got a rather extensive database of business listings that I need to get into an SQL database. What I'm faced with is how to import that huge chunk of data. He and his partner will reformat it however they need to so I can just pretty much click and import it, but I'm trying to figure out a good way to go about this. Basically, is there an easy way for them to arrange the data in something simple like Excel or Access and I just convert that to a .sql and import it?

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    You won't be able to convert an excel data file into a .sql file - that won't work at all. .sql files need much more info inside of them.

    However, you will be able to import an excel file into a MySQL database. You just have to do some prep work first but it will work.

    Here is a link that explains exactly how you can do it:

    Good luck.


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