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Thread: 400 Fonts V2! New design and features!

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    400 Fonts V2! New design and features!

    Site Name: 400 Fonts
    Site Link: Cool Fonts
    Site Description:
    Welcome to the all new Version of 400 Fonts! (V2)

    A complete re-design of the site has been done and many additional features have been added in. features:
    -33 Font Categories
    -Over 400 Hand Picked Fonts (and growing daily!)
    -Custom Previews of all fonts!
    -Rating System
    -Top Rated Fonts
    -Minimal Advertising (1 google ad per page(on category and font page only) and 2 small text clickbank affiliate links)
    -Add Your Own Fonts (new)
    -Themed Font Packs (new)
    -Search For a Font (new)

    400 Fonts is here for the long haul and is the only website I work on. I am putting all my effort into this one website and I hope to become one of the leading font websites.

    All suggestions to improve this website are highly appreciated. I want this website to offer exactly what all webmaster/graphic designers need by working with you to create it.

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    The line, Copyright 2007+ <> All fonts are copyrighted by their respective ownersis wrong. The date needs to come directly after the word/symbol for copyright; the "+" is meaningless as you can't copyright something in the future. Fonts, by themselves, are not copyrightable, so there are no respective owners of any copyrights on them (like the trademark violation with the "Walt Disney" font. Their names may be trademarked, however, which is why Helvetica is also called Swiss, Arial, Helios and by dozens of other names while the letter forms remain virtually unchanged.

    The organization of the fonts makes it hard to find the one you want and makes the site harder to use than it should be. If you were looking for a particular sans serifed font, for instance, and didn't know it was used in a movie, you would likely not find it. In each category the fonts aren't in alphabetical order, so if in the future they span multiple pages you'll have to look through all of them to find what you're looking for. Fonts that fit multiple categories (i.e. serif, cartoon and movie) should show up in all the categories they fit in. Yes, there is a search function, but that only works if you're absolutely sure what the exact name of font you want is, and if you're a "search oriented" web user, which many aren't. I'd also consider putting the search box in the header where it will always be available, rather than hidden in the middle of the naviation where one has to search (no pun intended) for it.

    You Google ads are poorly placed. You would get a better click-thru rate if you put them at the bottom of the page. Then if someone didn't find what they were looking for on your site, they might click on one of them to try to find it that way. Same thing with the search results page. There ought to be ads there, especially if no results are returned (along with a "search again" option so you don't have to look through the navigation menu again).

    Names of fonts that don't have capital letters don't display correctly (such as " leeding reaks" and " eanimator"

    lastly, you don't offer enough fonts. 400? Competing sites offer 1000s of 'em, so they're much more likely to have what someone is looking for and "hand picked" is only valuable if the person picking them has the same taste in font style as I do and has picked the one(s) I want to use.

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