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    Language Prefernce

    When programming dynamic websites, what's your preference? Do you prefer PHP or ASP?
    Personally, I have not used ASP, but I think now that I have to learn it, even though I am happy using PHP because it seems quite a dominant platform out there, and become more popular. If you had the choice, which one would you use and stick with?
    Just thought it would be a nice topic, and i'm avoiding working

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    I have used both ASP and PHP before. To be perfectly honest, I prefer PHP to ASP. Not for any real reason that I could write a topic on why I prefer PHP over ASP, but more of because from what I have seen there is more PHP out there than ASP. Also, where I have looked for books, etc. to learn the languages there seem to be 10 PHP books for every ASP book, so naturally I chose PHP. Also, my webhost was cheaper to get a Linux server with PHP and MySQL support than is was for a Windows server with ASP... so not a lot of choice there really lol.

    I do admit though, the website that I programmed in ASP actually felt easier to do than doing the same in PHP. Whether that is just me or not I don't know?!

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