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Thread: CSS/Javascript PNG transparency

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    CSS/Javascript PNG transparency


    I've to use an PNG transparent image inside a link with some text next to it. now i have tried a couple of things i have found on the net, they partially work but somehow i've still got some problems with it. THE PROBLEM IS IN IE6...

    1 solution the transparent image is ok in IE6. i had to use a SPAN inside the link. Although the PNG image is now viewable properly...the link doesn't work! !! Or actually it works but it doesn't show the arrow (as a normal link should) when you rollover on it...

    this is the link:

    2 solution This JavaScript works but somehow it increases the height of the image, have you got any idea why it does that?

    3 solution i used this cool css style/script:
    img { behavior: url(; }

    this is the link to the page:

    i passed it in my style sheet and it works BUT, it produces a border, which is not either the link border (and i add border=0 in .css)

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    wish i could help more, but i really dont understand what your asking. Is the transparency not working in ie6 and link not working??

    try any of these transparency techniques, really its better to use all of them together becuase then if someones using different type/version of browser your more likely to have a successful transparency.


    filter: alpha(opacity=77);

    -moz-opacity: 0.77

    leave simpler details of problem if this isnt it


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