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Thread: Tips For Making A Unique Website

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    Red face Tips For Making A Unique Website

    A simple & Unique Webdesign can make your site lucrative & be successful to get more &

    more traffic easily.Here are some valuable tips for really good web designing.

    The very first thing is to specifize your goal and make a clear plan.Then create a site

    specification on what you intend to do, what trend and technology and the most

    important, the content.

    STEP I. *

    create a site definition. This is the initial stage where you will define the specification and

    objectives for the respected website .Here you have to analyze your goals and justify the

    budget and things required. In this stage, you also need to define the site content, the

    information resources that you will need .

    STEP II. *

    website architecture. Programming, database, search engine design, and data entry is

    performed in this stage.

    STEP III. *

    Site Design .Now you have to obtain its appearance as that of the page grid and overall

    graphic design. You have to visualize the content for the site that needs to be created.

    Plan, research, write, organize and edit the text content is done in this stage.

    STEP IV. *

    website construction. This is the stage wherein all pages are completed and programming

    components linked. The site is now ready for beta testing.

    STEP V. *

    Now optimize your site by Article submission, Link popularity, press releases,creating blog


    Your site is ready but your duity is not over.
    You need constant attention and constant development changes in order to make it more

    and more capable. You must also need to check periodically if the links are intact and


    with best regards,
    Lucky Brown
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    That would be nice posted tips but we should also to consider the conversion of those tons of traffic into sales and that would be the most important aspect thats why we optimized a site.

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