I'm looking to get pricing ideas on a website for a city backed non-profit I'm working on.

The project is a city-wide bicycle share program; the city is investing a large but currently unknown amount of money to get the program off the ground. I need a website that would include the usual shebang. A news blog, mailing list, forums, etc. Eventually it may need to interface with the bicycle stations to get up to date status info from them.

I know a couple people locally I want to hire, who would be responsible for this and occasionally photography as needed. I would like to pay someone to do this on a monthly salary, seeing as it's an ongoing project; X amount of dollars, and they use that to get it done and pay their self.

It would help me a lot if I could get some quotes on this, as I need to present them to the city at some point, and I need to show that the people I'm contracting are not just pulling the numbers out of their ass. Working with the city = a fun time.