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Thread: Website startup advice

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    Website startup advice

    I am starting a web business, w/ products. Due to low budget I will be developing the website myself. I've dabbled in web development before, but never went as deep as I am about to go in now. I will list some of the features I am going to need for my website and I ask that someone can direct me to tutorials or the best language I can use accomplish them.

    Firstly it's a product based website, so I'm guessing I would need some sort of database. I would also need a shopping cart. I've been looking around and I really like the one on American eagle website

    I would also like the user shopping experience to be dynamic, by which I mean, when browsing through the products there's limited page reloading, maybe only between categories of a product.

    I also am looking for a way to do a "Build Your Own" section. I wanted it to be similar to the way automobile websites have there's set up, but a little bit more dynamic similar to the one that uses for their build it portion. I was thinking Ajax for this part, but if there's something better I can do it in please tell.

    I am planning on doing the front end to the site in of course HTML/CSS with some ajax or other dynamic language for the products portion. If you know of a better way to do this please tell. Also any advice on building a product based website like this would be grately appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    -East II

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    Will you consider using osCommerce? If you are using cPanel hosting, it only takes 1 - 2 minutes to install and your website is running.

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