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Thread: Large professional website, many features...what's the best CMS

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    Large professional website, many features...what's the best CMS

    Trying to figure out the best CMS for the job...large one. I usually use Modx CMS but this job looks like it's too big for the limits of MODx

    Here's the basics available in most CMS: Polls/surveys, email forms, blog, newsletter, multilingual, members access, forums, etc

    But I have a client that's also after:
    1) Facebook style personal home pages (possible) but also including....
    2) Ebay type auction system with buy now features
    3) Integration of the above into wap mobile phone website that allows payments through phones (Paypal sounds good, not much of a problem there)
    4) Internal messaging system
    5) wiki for online document collaboration

    Wondering if anyone has started on/knows about any of the above features already integrated into a solid CMS such as Joomla/Drupal/etc.

    Have a nice day,

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    Thats a lot of features for a CMS to be able to handle.

    Ive heard some companys go with SharePoint. But you have to work directly with Microsoft to get that going, so that your site will have your own look and feel instead of just using their templated designs.

    Currently we use Interwoven's TeamSite. But we havent implemented blogs, wiki or any type of auction feature.

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