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Thread: best host for use of ease for a beginner

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    best host for use of ease for a beginner

    hi i was wondering whats a good host for ease of use for a beginner

    i got a host that i cant make heads or tails of i havent even been able to get started on my website as of yet . my basic plan comes with 5 domains so i registered 2 because all i need as of now is two. come to find out theres no redirect tool so i have to learn ASP or PHP just to make a redirect page.

    at this point im thinking about just getting my money back going somewhere else
    and paying for to seperate user accounts this redirect cr@p is making my head spin ive wasted almost a week on it so far with no real clear answers so far.

    im assuming if i made one user account at a host with 1 domain name i shouldnt need any redirects would this be correct?

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    If you want to store multiple sites on one account, and you don't know how, then the host should help you with that. If not, then they are not worth the money. Yes, your extra domains need to be pointed to the right folder in your account and your host must be set up to run that way. Not all are.
    If you have one account, with one domain name, then you don't need to do anything else. I have never had to make a redirect page with multiple sites on one account.
    PM me masada and I can give you a good referral for a host.

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