I have just recived an email from OHS saying they will be closing all the Shared Hosting Servers.

I bought a years worth of hosting from them and a domain, they said they could transfer the domain, but they never said anything about paying back the money i will not use as my account runs out on 04/01/2009 and it is only 24/04/2009 So basicly they should pay me 11 monthes back, I sent them an email, but have not got a reply yet.

Do you think they'll refund?

Also i need some new hosting. Please can some one tell me what is the best Shared Hosting plan?

Month: $15.95
Year: $175.45
Domains: 5
Space: 25GB
BandWidth: 250GB
Email accounts: Unlimited
Sql databases: Unlimited
Parking: Unlimited
FTP accounts: Unlimited
Sub's: Unlimited
Mailing Lists: Unlimited

That is the plan i had, is there any similar?