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Thread: Template prob with DIV tag?

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    Unhappy Template prob with DIV tag?

    I created a which editable region was the middle area of the web i kept the height of the editable region div tag as 100px only so that i could increase its height according to each web page on which would apply that template....and i created a blank web page n applied that template to it and went on to the editable region to input data in it which was 180px high....but as the editable region as well as the template is made in div tags....the bottom area of the template did not shift down 80px because the position of the bottom area div tag is already set when the template was being made so i can't change the postion of the bottom area of the template...if i have to change it,...the only option was to change it in the DWT file of that template...but if i would do that...its postion would change for all the web pages where i have applied that tmeplate....
    plzzzzzzzzz help......i mm struck here.

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    Develop a page with no div heights so that every div is flexible in height. Then the footer or bottom area of the template will be pushed down.

    It needs practice.
    Code downloaded to my PC will be deleted in due course.
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