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Thread: PHPBB3 Hosting ? ? ?

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    PHPBB3 Hosting ? ? ?

    I'm looking to start a PS3 Call Of Duty 4 forum but try as I might I can't find a decent free host (I dont wanna throw money at this project until/if it takes off), trouble is these free hosts dont let you use your own skin and I want to use a Templatemonster template (this one)

    Any1 know of a decent PHPBB3 host that knows what theyre doing or even a good cheap one?

    OR, any1 wanna buy that template, install and host it for me leave a message with a price quote please . .

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    You can install phpBB on any host that offers PHP and a mySQL database. Although not the cheapest host, this one was highly recommended to me by the guy that sets up my servers:

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