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Thread: Pandemic Clothing looking for freelance Web Designer

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    Smile Pandemic Clothing looking for freelance Web Designer

    Pandemic Clothing is a small clothing company that is still in its growing stages. However, I no longer have the time to finish the website myself and I need to outsource it. What I want from the site is to be hip looking and elegant. Our target market is the action sport fanatic, more specifically the 16 - 21 skateboarders. The site needs to have the basics of a home, about, catalog, events, media, team, and contact. The Catalog would contain the most pages since obviously that is where the product is. What I want from the catalog is to have main products in the center and on the right side have "other products" that we also sell. They site needs to be easily editable and easy to put new products on. I know Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, some CSS and Xhtml just to keep in mind in the terms for later editing. However, to lower costs and increase release date I do not need a full website all I would really require is a very well thought out, functioning template. I would like to have this completed as soon as possible.

    A couple things to keep in mind
    1) For E-commerce we are using PayPal
    2) We would like some flash to keep the visitor interested and not bored.

    Please email me at instead of replying on here, I will get to it faster via email. Also upon emailing me please tell your name, link to your portfolio, other contacts, and most importantly your quote for the project.

    Thank you!

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    We would be more then happy to help you finish this project... feel free to contact us

    Ehab K

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